MMSI Group Number for Swiftsure Fleet – 031600081

Participants are encouraged to program the new Swiftsure Fleet Group MMSI into their DSC capable radios. This will provide the Race Committee with another tool to contact the whole fleet, if required. Any messages broadcast using DSC will also be broadcast on Marine 26 for those without DSC capability.

031600081 is the group number that can be programmed following your radios instructions for adding group contacts. This number will only be used for the Swiftsure International Yacht Race, so there is no need to remove after the race if you plan to return for future races.

Notices to Competitors will be updated throughout the 2019 race.

Jury Notices:

Protest Form – also requests for redress and reopening

Protest Form

Amendments to Yacht Registrations

The following amendments have been made registrations for Swiftsure .

Andromeda I

  • May 23: change race to Cruising Flying Sails

baaad kitty!

  • May 24: updated SPOT from SS056 to SS235


  • May 23: changed from L-2 to H-2


  • May 23: div change from L-2 to H-1


  • May 24: alternate sail number for spinnaker 8299


  • New ORC rating authorized by PRO 24 May. 0.9058:1.1671:1.3033


  • May 23: rating corrected from 18 to 0


  • May 24: alternate sail numbers added 39339 and 29313


  • May 24: rating normalised to 69

La Lucha MOORE

  • May 24: changed division from H-2 to L-2

Le reve

  • May 23: withdrawal


  • May 24: division change from L2 to H2


  • Rating change authorized to 126. 24 May.

Sea Weasel

  • May 23: withdrawal

Shadow II

  • Update of rating iaw new certificate 23 May 19. l.3152:1.6411:1.8846


  • May 24: withdrawn

Terna 111

  • May 23: added two additional alternate sail numbers: 9515, 74407


  • May 24: rating updated from 111 to 99


  • May 23: withdrawal


  • Whisper moved to Div. 1 Auth. DRO

Wild Blue

  • May 23: rating changed from 54 to 57.

2019 Swiftsure Sail Numbers Report
2019 Swiftsure Yachts with Similar Names

Cruise Ship Movement in Victoria Harbour

2019 DRAFT cruise ship movements from Greater Victoria Harbour Authority’s Cruise Schedule.

Arrivals, departures at Ogden Point off Victoria’s waterfront on Saturday, May 25 through Monday, May 27:

Port 2019 Date Cruise Ship Arrival – Depart
Victoria 25-May SEVEN SEAS MARINER 709’ 09:00-18:00
Victoria 25-May OOSTERDAM 936’ 18:00 23:30
Victoria 25-May STAR PRINCESS 950’ 19:00 23:59
Victoria 25-May NORWEGIAN BLISS 1070’ 19:30 23:59
Victoria 27-May CARNIVAL LEGEND 963’ 19:30 23:59


US Navy or Tank Ship Safe Passage

International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, 1972

  • starting at page 8 of Canada Shipping Act

Washington State law re Orcas

Washington State Law, RCW 77.15.740 makes it illegal to:

  • Cause a vessel or other object to approach, in any manner, within two hundred yards of a southern resident orca whale
  • Position a vessel to be in the path of a southern resident orca whale at any point located within four hundred yards of the whale. This includes intercepting a southern resident orca whale by positing a vessel so that the prevailing wind or water current carries the vessel into the path of the whale at any point located within four hundred yards of the whale
  • Fail to disengage the transmission of a vessel that is within two hundred yards of a southern resident orca whale; or
  • Feed a southern resident orca whale.

Detail of Washington State Law, RCW 77.15.740