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An Evening with Alex Fox 14-Feb-2020

It’s always a big decision to commit to a big race like Swiftsure each year. Alex Fox of The Sailing Shop at Trotac Marine is an amazing resource for information on how to have your boat race ready for Swiftsure Yacht Race. Join him in the next Swiftsure Speaker Series. More information can be found on our Facebook page by clicking here.

An Evening with Richard Clarke 17-Jan-2020

Presenting an Evening with Richard Clarke, the recent winner of the Fastnet Challenge Cup, the overall prize for the 2019 Rolex Fastnet Race. Everyone Welcome! More info on our Facebook page, by clicking here

Swiftsure 2019 28-Dec-2019

Swiftsure 2019 certainly lived up to its tagline of ‘Always a Challenge’. With light and variable winds, pouring rain and lumpy seas beyond Race Passage, it was a test of sailors’ skill and perseverance. Though the challenges in 2019 were substantial for both sailors and organizers we consider the event a great accomplishment for the Club and an addition to the legacy that is Swiftsure. Swiftsure continues to be the largest sailing race on the west coast  of North America with over 1,000 sailors and a total of 164 entered the combined races in 2019; 131 in the 4 Long Courses and 33 in the Inshore Races. Of these there were 13 Royal Victoria YC boats registered in the 4 Long Courses. None of our boats finished the Long Course Races but 9 of the 10 registered in the Inshore Races finished successfully.

The Swiftsure Lightship Classic was won by David Raney’s Rage of Corinthian YC of Portland. Rage was the only boat of 14 starters to complete the course.

The Hein Bank Race was won by Marda Phelps of Seattle Yacht Club in Maverick. Eight boats started though only 4 finished.

The Cape Flattery Race for Monohulls (Heavy) was won by Alan Luber of Seattle Yacht Club in Maya who was also 1st in Division 1. Joe Downing of Olympia Yacht Club won Division 2 in Balder 2. Of 24 boats entered only 2 finished.

The Cape Flattery Race for Monohulls (Light) was won by Chuck Stephens of Seattle Yacht Club in Panic who also won Division 3. Division 1 was won by Nathalie Criou of Richmond Yacht Club in Envolee and Division 2 was won by Kirk Fraser of Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle in Eclipse. Of 37 boats entered in this race only 7 finished.

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Name Type Race
Bardo Catalina 36 Tall Mast JDF
Aldebaran C&C33 mk2 ICF
Cheekee Monkee Catamaran F-45R CFM
MARTHA Staysail Schooner SLC
Thundorca Tartan 41 SLC
Sloop Dawg Beneteau First 405 JDF
Margaret Erikson CF
Belle-Ile Pacific Seacraft 31 ICF
Westerly Santa Cruz 70 HBO
Whisper Catalina 30 ICF
Amiskwi Sabre 386 JDF
Crossfire R/P 55 SLCO
Free Bowl of Soup J/105 CF
Sadie Mae Grand Soleil SLCO
Invictus Dufour 34 CF
Beyond The Stars Hanse 411 JDF
Mata Hari Catalina Mk II CF
Darkside Schock 35 CF
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