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Swiftsure 2022 is here! 28-May-2022

JRC-Volunteers-28After a 3 year wait, Swiftsure 2022, dedicated to Bill Conconi is finally here. Victoria’s Inner Harbour is full of racers making final adjustments to their yachts in preparation for the 09:00 PDT start. Wind is forecasted to be Easterly this morning, meaning spectators might be in for a rare spinnaker start which is always a treat. After a light afternoon as the weather system moves through, the traditional Swiftsure westerly is predicted to build with windspeeds as high as 30knts challenging racers.

If you are in Victoria but not racing, come down the Clover Point on Victoria’s water front to catch the start of Swiftsure 2022. There will be six starts, 10 mins apart starting at 0900:

  1. Swiftsure Lightship Classic and Hein Bank Race
  2. Multihulls Race
  3. Cape Flattery Race
  4. Juan de Fuca Race
  5. Inshore Classic (flying sails)
  6. Inshore Classic (cruising class)

Swiftsure 2022, always a challenge.

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