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Swiftsure 2019 is here! 23-May-2019

Swiftsure 2019 is finally here! Boats are starting to collect in Victoria’s Inner Harbour and the Swiftsure Race Centre opens today. Come down and take a look!

New Swiftsure Committee Up and Running 11-Mar-2019

DH – In July 2018, after 9 years at the helm Vern Burkhardt stepped down as Event Chair of the Swiftsure International Yacht Race. It was a great time to go as Vern was offered the opportunity to spend 5 months cruising from the Caribbean through the Panama Canal and eventually back to Victoria. Being of sound mind, and an ocean sailing fanatic, he took it.

As is often the case, one change led to another and a number of the 2018 Committee members chose to move along as well. While the same crew remains on the Race Management part of the organization, many of the ‘shore-side’ members turned over.

While Vern is staying on as ‘Special Advisor’, Past RVYC Commodore (and former Swiftsure Principal Race Officer) Andrew McBride has taken on the role of Event Chair. Mike Cowley remains as Race Director, John Abel as Principal Race Officer and Dennis McMillan as Technology Coordinator. New members include Brian Shorter as Logistics Coordinator, Deb Tolman leading Sponsorship, Louise Alepin with Media Relations, Peter Testemale as Volunteer Coordinator, Ann Steele as Registrar and Guy Tyrwhitt-Drake with Trophies and Awards.

While things have been a bit slow getting off the ground for 2019, they are well under way. The ‘new blood’ on the Committee is working hard to introduce a number of changes to the ‘shore-side’ activities to streamline processes with the objective of increasing the positive experience for racers.

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Name Type Race
Contagious First 36.7 INF
Aldebaran C&C 33-2 ICF
Encore First 310 INF
Mimoza Hans Christian 33 ICN
Limbo Outlaw 33 INF
Blue Duet Bavaria 42 SLC
Rally Cap Jeanneau 41 SLC
Noflyk Jeanneau 37 JDF
Dominatrix X 119 CF
Vigilant Navy 44 CF
Celebration J 30 INF
Tabu Farr 44 CF
Raven CM 1200 CF
Kiva Finngulf 41 CF
Rio Dorado Beneteau 40 Oceanis JDF
Big Broderna F 31R CFM
Kraken Beneteau 40.7 CF
Kahuna Aerodyne 38 JDF

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