On Thursday, May 23rd competitors’ yachts begin arriving in Victoria’s Inner Harbour, and from then through Friday, May 24th it will be filled with sailors checking in for their races. 

Saturday the races begin! Clover Point is the best location for those interested in viewing the start. Over 160 yachts will jockey for the best starting position in the area off Clover Point and it will be quite a sight. The races continue through the weekend with yachts in the long distance courses crossing the finish line off the end of the Ogden Point Breakwater during the night of Saturday and continuing all day Sunday, into that evening and night until the race finish time of 6:00 AM on Monday, May 27.

The Swiftsure Race Tracker system will show the live positions of competing yachts as they make their way through the race courses.

Here’s the 2019 Swiftsure Public Schedule of Events.

Here are details about the Swiftsure Race Courses and Start Sequence.