Take part in Swiftsure without a yacht...

The Swiftsure Crew Bank allows sailors to post their information for skippers who are looking for extra crew. If you are interested in taking part in Swiftsure but don't have a boat, this is a good way to find a ride.

The following sailors are available as crew during Swiftsure 2022.

Name Age M/F Experience Contact
OBrien, Elizabeth 25-44 Female
- 2018-2022: Canadian Forces Sailing Association racing crew
- Swiftsure 2019

- 3,000+ offshore sailing miles (including sailing double-handed down the Baja; Race to Alaska delivery from AK to WA on the outside; delivery from New Zealand to Tonga)
- Marine Basic First Aid with CPR C (Alert First Aid, 2021), MED A3 (Small Domestic Vessel - Basic Safety)
- VHF Radio License (ROC-M)
- I don't get seasick

Experience with watches and sailing in a range of different positions.
Pinkney, Duane 45-64 Male I grew up on Vancouver Island and have lived in Victoria over the years, just recently returning. I have been out on the water since I was a toddler and much time spent on the west coast. In sailing I have raced out of Maple Bay, Esquimalt, and RVYC having done Swiftsure once a few years ago, and I believe we finished 3rd in our class. My normal positions are foredeck and cockpit - particularly in navigation and understanding the best course. In other interests I have first aid experience with being on ski patrol at Mt. Washington for years. I am presently buying an Irwin 41 to live aboard and cruise and most of my racing was on ~30ft boats. With my experience in different challenging sports - extreme skiing, scuba, rock climbing, etc. I think one of my best attributes is keeping a level head under pressure. This is complimented by my utility and understanding of mechanics and ability to fix stuff.
Ryder, Christopher 45-64 Male Good Day! I'm an experienced sailor/racer based in the Pacific Northwest. I've sailed multiple Swiftsures, many local races (Puget Sound) and sailed in the last Van Isle 360 that took place. I have plenty of blue water experience (Gig Harbor --> Hawaii, trans-Carribean, West Coast transit, Atlantic coast, etc) and I consider myself a very hard-working, disciplined team member who's easy to get along with. I'm comfortable in any position for the race...my last few races I spent most of my time on Foredeck.
I'd be happy to send my sailing resume with any and all details from my racing and general sailing experience. I look forward to hearing from you!
- Chris
Mackenzie, Adam 45-64 Male Local Victoria BC resident, looking for a ride in my first Swiftsure.
Have been racing off and on since the '90s, both keel boats and dinghies, mostly club racing out of Vancouver.
Numerous local boat deliveries and about 5000 miles of offshore delivery experience.
Have basic marine first aid, PCOC and ROC(M)
For racing, usually my position has been jib trimmer and/or pit. Not a fore deck rock-star but I could do it in a pinch; being a former boat owner I've got overall decent boat handling and seamanship skills.

I can be available for practice and other local races.

Thanks for looking.

By the way, I'm a fit and healthy 45 yr old... feels weird selecting a drop down menu in the 45-64 category hahah
WIERMAN, DAN 64+ Male 69 yo, good shape, a few aches and pains. Over 50 years of keelboat racing experiance mainly in Puget Sound. Several swiftsure Light Ship Clasics, a couple Cape Flattery Races and many Juan de Fuca races. Van Isle 360. PNW Offshore race this year.. Own the J/35 Great White and several previous boats. 25 ton Masters License, near coastal, power and sail. I can do well in just about any position on a boat, but usually leave foredeck to the younger people. Good at tactics, navigation, helm, trim. In addition, I am good at boat repair, maintenence and rigging. Also available for boat delivery to/from Victoria.
W, Scott 45-64 Male Experience:
Way too many Swiftsure races to count, I think 20 or so. Several Van Isle 360's (yeah I even won it...Thanks MOJO)
I love the beating it gives, and who doesn't want hot soup on the finish dock??
In the last 10 years I've mostly crewed J109 and J120's,

I"m good on bow, main, trim and if you really want a crazy time put me on the wheel.
I like fast boats, good communication and good crew dynamics. Lets ride and have fun!
Plus I really miss Canada! you guys rock. We deserve the bashing..

Wang, James 45-64 My name is James wang. I am a sailor.I come from China. I have an ASA214 certificate and PCOC. I have participated in sailing since 2008. I have participated in the China Cup, China Coastal Challenge, and the Atlantic Ocean Crossing in 2019 (Azores) -France), participated in the British Rolex FASTNET Regatta in 2019. My skills on board are (Foredeck, Chinese food, Sail Trimmer, Tactics, Helming),I currently live in Nanaimo and I am a accompanying parent. I hope to be able to participate in local sailing competitions and activities, how to register for the activities, please give me instructions, currently do not have our own sailing.My English is not very good, but I will study hard.Thank you very much!
Bull, Steve 64+ Male Sailing since the age of 5, racing one design since 8: Wood Pussy cat boat, Blue Jay, Lightning, Laser, Doughdish aka Herreshoff 12 ½
Off shore in North East USA fore deck boss on the Dolphin https://www.windcheckmagazine.com/article/dolphin-and-mischief-mischief-the-herreshoff-twins-and-their-rogue-cousin/ in the 1960-70s. In the NE/USA: Bock Island Race Week, Off Soundings Spring and Fall, Whitebread, past member of Shelter Island Yacht Member, no current yacht club memberships I've been racing on other 30 to 55 footers, and cruising on my own charters of in the Caribbean, Mediterranean and BC. As a local tactician in the waters around Shelter Island and Peconic Bay NY, I am a strategic navigating of back eddies. I am untutored yet respectful to floods and ebbs of BC. I'm useful on the foredeck with seasoned skills in spinnaker sets and pulldowns as well as spinnaker and foresail trimming. I am tireless on winch trims.
Hoyer, Tiago 25-44 Male No sailing experience yet. I have been reading about sailing on my own and have got my PCOC. If you need any additional weight on your boat that is ready follow instructions and do any kind of task please consider me. I am eager to learn all tasks from maintenance/repairs to sailing support. I am free on weekends and during week days after 5pm. I may be able to go sailing for long periods but i will need to organize myself in advance (but these is not guaranteed). Tks in advance to consider me as an option.