The 75th Swiftsure International Yacht Race Week occurs May 24-28, 2018. Swiftsure relies upon volunteers for the success of the race and volunteering is a great way to be a part of an historic Victoria event while meeting others involved in the race.

All volunteers require a basic knowledge of the Swiftsure event; orientation will be available prior to Swiftsure and participation is required. Dates will be posted on the Swiftsure website and registered volunteers will be notified. You will meet the Volunteer Coordinator at the orientation and receive a coupon for your volunteer tee-shirt.

Join the Swiftsure team and share your valuable skills. You will be asked to select your areas of interest as part of the registration process.

Volunteer placement for most positions is completed in April. For volunteers selected to a role, team leads may wish to confirm certifications; please have them available for review.

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