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First-Ever Swiftsure For Ron Rosenberg October 17, 2018

Ron Rosenberg raced his first-ever Swiftsure aboard Le Reve. Far from his first racing experience, Ron has raced since he was 9 – starting with a Sabot (gosh, how many of us have) through 5 world titles on Solings, Etchells, J-24s, 5.5 metres, and the ISAF Youth Worlds. Deep, deep, deep yacht racing. 

Ron found himself doing the landmark 75th Swiftsure International Yacht Race when he was invited aboard Le Reve, Michael Breivik’s Oceanis 45 from Seattle Yacht Club. Take a look at Ron’s “My Rookie Swiftsure Experience” insights in the May 30th Scuttlebutt News. Le Reve went on to win First Overall, First in Class (Heavy), and First in Division 1 of the 2018 Cape Flattery Race.

With Alan Stovell, Commodore of the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, Ron shared an email of his experience which Alan has kindly shared with Swiftsure. 

Hi Alan,

I hope this note finds you and your great Canadian sales team all very well.

I want to begin with an apology to you… I was at the Swiftsure Race skipper’s meeting  (first time ever for me) with a few hundred sailing friends and I did see you, and I did hear your well-spoken remarks (you do look good in a blue blazer, by the way : ) but as soon as the meeting ended, I lost sight of you and despite a couple of laps around the room and even asking some other blue blazers where you could be found… I failed to catch up with you in person. 

I did however thoroughly enjoy myself throughout my entire Rookie Swiftsure Experience, and was moved to encourage others to get their boats (racing or cruising) out of the marina, off the docks, and get out and enjoy this incredible Swiftsure Race… even if you don’t have a racing boat.  So I wrote this article that was immediately published by Scuttlebutt and then shared widely by many other sailing sites.  

I simply tried to provide others with the process/road map for preparation that we used, and in a self-deprecating way, shared our great experience (surprise-we won!) and let others know that this is a race that is well worth focusing on, preparing for, and attending at some point in life, and that the organizers really do a remarkable job being inclusive, making it fun and easy and they warmly welcome all sailors.  My miss was that I did not manage to share this article with anyone running the event, or from RVYC.  

Alan, I’m sharing this with you now in hopes that if you see any value in doing so, please kindly forward this article to any of those responsible for the success of this great event, and please let any future PR people or race organizers know that they have my express permission to use any of this article in any way they see fit to help encourage others to attend, or otherwise improve and grow their great event over the coming years. I know our Le reve team will be back again in 2019, and I hope many sailors that have watched from the sidelines in past years will also consider joining in the fun.

Many thanks Alan, and I look forward to seeing you at METS in a few weeks,

Gratefully yours,

Ron Rosenberg

Thank you, Ron, for sharing and letting us know how much you enjoyed your first Swiftsure. We look forward to seeing you, and Le Reve, again in 2019. 

Ron encourages anyone who is curious to get out and race Swiftsure. If you’re interested, please get in touch.

Charlotte Gann, Swiftsure Media Relations

Swiftsure – Always a Challenge.

When Everything Goes Right May 30, 2018

It’s now in the books, winds have subsided, and we’re on to summer adventures with the sweet taste of the 75th Swiftsure lingering.

This year of firsts was as close to perfection as one can get. Dry skies, from sunshine blasting down on the Thursday Racers’ Social at Prince of Whales Whale Watching’s Ocean Magic II, where the new Spinnakers Swiftsure Amber Ale and Mount Gay Rum Dark & Stormy cocktails flowed freely, through the last race boat to finish on Monday at 04:49:03, the all-women Geminis Dream. In between, Mike Turner presented the Swiftsure 2018 Race Start seminar in the Distrikt to a large crowd with great questions, with big plastic sailboats ready to sail around the dance pit, giving visuals some impact. The fast-paced Awards went smoothly, leading into the Skippers’ Meeting, where the combination of predicted strong westerly winds and flood tides had skippers strategizing their route toward and beyond Race Passage, considering starting with a reef. That evening, all the stops were pulled out as the first-ever Dock Party was held, Spinnakers beer sold and The Midnights performed well beyond their planned 9 PM.

Swiftsure Through The Years May 29, 2018

Marianne Scott has written numerous and varied articles for Pacific Yachting through the years. This May 2018 article shines a light on Swiftsure’s origins, going back to the first race in 1930, where the commodores of the Seattle and Royal Vancouver Yacht Clubs were sharing a drink at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club with the commodore. The conversation wandered toward racing, a few drinks and chats later, they’d decided a race challenge should be held.

This was the birth of the Swiftsure International Yacht Race.

Enjoy Marianne’s article.

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