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Take in the 75th Swiftsure International Yacht Race May 21, 2018

For the public, there are many opportunities to experience the historic 75th running of the Swiftsure International Yacht Race – and it’s all free!

On Thursday, May 24th, at the Causeway Docks of Victoria’s Inner Harbour, watch as yachts begin to arrive in the afternoon, and chat with the racers on the docks.

Friday, May 25th until 6 PM, walk the docks and, later in the afternoon, have your picture taken with Captain Jack Sparrow & Scarlett as they swash buckles. Make this the year you participate, celebrate and purchase historic 75th Swiftsure memorabilia and clothing at the tent at the top of the Causeway Docks.

Alastair Chesson AC Design photo

On Saturday, make your way to Clover Point for 8 AM. There will be a pancake breakfast available from the Central Saanich Lions Club, while Swiftsure Commentators Michael Nusbaum and Daphne Goode share race information with the public over a PA system.

At 9 AM, a large gun blast and puff of smoke from the bow of HMCS Nanaimo will signal the first of six race starts. Each 10 minutes, a new race start is announced in the same way.

Once all races are underway, a Royal Canadian Air Force 442 Squadron will deploy a Cormorant helicopter for an over-the-water Search and Rescue demonstration in coordination with the Canadian Coast Guard. This is an actual demonstration of their expertise in executing a recovery of a body in the water – though for this exercise, a 180-lb OSCAR water training rescue dummy will be used. The Cormorant helicopter’s pilot and, from the bridge of HMCS Nanaimo, RCAF Major Justin Olsen will be speaking with Mike & Daphne over a VHF radio, which will be publicly broadcast during the SAR exercise. More

Shaw TV South Vancouver Island Makes Swiftsure History May 7, 2018

Today, Shaw TV South Vancouver Island released the video they created and produced over the past year with a devoted group from Shaw TV’s production crew and Swiftsure International Yacht Race volunteers.

We are very excited to present this historic video.










The Swiftsure show will air on Shaw TV and Blue Sky the following times starting May 7th – May 27th.

Mondays 8 am & 6 pm

Tuesdays 11 am

Wednesdays 8:30 am & 8 pm

Thursdays 7 pm

Fridays 12 pm

Saturdays 2 pm

Sundays 2:30 pm

If you want to know the key people from Shaw TV that made this happen, you can look to Daphne Goode and Orlando Carillo. Without their dedication and persistance, this video would not be what it is. A wonderful chronicle of the proud history of the Swiftsure International Yacht Race.

The Legendary Katie Ford May 5, 2018

by owners Barry Goss and Donna Silverson

Katie Ford was designed and built by Mr. Heine Dole at Astoria Marine Construction in 1946. During the Second World War, Astoria Marine was given the right to accumulate all the old growth timber they could get to build ships for the US Navy. When the war ended, there was a lot of timber left, so Heine decided to use some of it to build Katie Ford.

He was a brilliant Engineer/Designer, earning a scholarship to Stanford and graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1929. He designed Katie Ford in every detail, and fabricated all of the original bronze fittings on the boat himself. The highfield levers used for the running backstays are good examples of these. In fact, all of the original bronze fittings are still in use today. More

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Strait Marine Modified Farr 40 HBO