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What’s New for Swiftsure 2015? May 13, 2015

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New Long Course – Hein Bank Race

This 118.1 nautical mile race is open to all PHRF and IRC handicapped monohull yachts.  It is a fourth “Long Course” option for racing in the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

The course goes from a starting line at Clover Point, leaving a mark at Neah Bay to port, leaving to port the ODAS 46088 (located about 5 nautical miles bearing approximately 2380 M from Hein Bank), and crossing a finish line across the Victoria Harbour (at Ogden Point Breakwater).  See the Notice of Race for the Four Long Courses and the Safety Equipment Requirements for Monohulls on Swiftsure’s website under Race Info.

New Location for Swiftsure Centre

In previous years Swiftsure Centre was located in a large tent on Ship Point in Victoria’s Inner Harbour. It is being re-located to the Steamship Grill and Bar located on the south side of the Victoria Inner Harbour (on Belleville Street across from the Parliament Buildings). This is the location for skippers to check in and pick up their skippers’ package, and where the Swiftsure party will occur on Thursday May 21 and Friday May 22. The Swiftsure party will be complete with beer, rum, wine, and bands playing from 2000 to 2300. At the new Swiftsure Centre racers, their friends and relatives, and the public will be able to escape from the music volume if they wish to have a more relaxed atmosphere.

Combined Skippers’ Meeting

For the past several races there were separate skippers’ meeting for the Long Courses and for the Swiftsure Inshore Classic. They are being combined and will occur at The Distrikt (previously called Club 9ONE9) in the Strathcona Hotel starting at 1600 on May 22nd.  The Trophies presentation for the winners of the three Long Courses in 2014 will take place starting at 1500 at The Distrikt. More

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Registered Yachts

Name Type Race Rating
BIGFOOTX Hotfoot 31 JF 108
Sugar Glider Beneteau 32s5 INF 165
Dark Star Crown 34 INN 123
Journey Catalina 42 Mk II INN 150
Bat Out Of Hell Ballard/Ullman JF 54
Diva J Boat CF 69
ClaraALLEGRO Beneteau 36.7 CF 81
Aliikai Corsair F28R CFM 40
Gone With The Wind C&C-99 JF 102
Evermoore Moore 24 JF 168
All Registrations


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