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Press Release – Patos Island Race Tracker Failure April 18, 2014

During the recent Patos Island Race hosted by Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club (SNSYC) racers and fans were disappointed in the Race Tracker provided by the Swiftsure International Race organization when it failed during the race.

The  Swiftsure organization deeply regrets this failure that persisted despite making every effort to solve the difficulties during the race. The problem, however, did not originate with the Swiftsure Race Tracker technology which displays the data feed from the SPOT units located on each competing boat. The failure was related to a Globalstar server that receives the data feed via satellite .  They were unable to identify and correct the source of the technical failure before the end of the Patos Island Race leaving the race with no tracking/viewing system. Globalstar has assured us that it has since corrected the problem.

Read the full press release here.

March 31st Draw Winner – Conrad J! April 1, 2014

Congratulations to Conrad J’s skippers, Geoffrey Wolf and Adrien Felon – you are Swiftsure’s second winners! You will receive $75 worth of tickets for Spinnakers famous Swiftsure Session Ale at the Swiftsure Centre on Thursday, May 22nd or Friday, May 23rd! You will certainly be popular with your crew.

Everyone else – you still have a chance to win! All other registered boats automatically qualify in the midnight draw on April 30th for Spinnakers beer – for $50 worth of tickets for Spinnakers famous Swiftsure Session Ale at the Swiftsure Centre.


Not yet registered? Take advantage of the EarlyBird entry fee AND another chance to win and enjoy Spinnakers’ Swiftsure Session Ale.

You can register online by clicking the Register Now button at If you wish, you can fill out a paper registration form which is available online at the Swiftsure Registration page. More

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Registered Yachts

Name Type Race Rating
Sugar Glider Beneteau 32s5 INF 165
Honcho Benneteau First 36s7 JF 123
Windshear Elite INN 155
Por Favor Hobie 33 JF 93
Tenaya Catalina 34 INN 150
New Haven KER custom 46 SLC 1.193
Bravo Zulu Beneteau 40.7 CF 57
Tabu Offshore Logic CF 30
Raven CM1200 SLC 24
SeaDuced C&C CF 60
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