If you take advantage of the EarlyBird entry fee and register for Swiftsure by May 5th, you will still have a chance to win and enjoy Spinnakers’ Swiftsure Session Ale in the beer draw – the draw date has been extended to coincide with the EarlyBird deadline! All registered boats automatically qualify in the midnight draw on May 5th for $50 worth of tickets for Spinnakers famous Swiftsure Session Ale at the Swiftsure Centre.

Register online by clicking the Register Now button at Swiftsure.org. If you wish, you can complete a paper registration form available online at the Swiftsure Registration page.

There is a racecourse for every taste and level of challenge. The Notices of Race for the three long courses (Swiftsure Lightship Classic, Cape Flattery, and Juan de Fuca) and for the Swiftsure Inshore Classic have been published under the Race Info tab.

Don’t miss out. Register by midnight on May 5th to qualify for THE FINAL DRAW.

Vern Burkhardt


Swiftsure International Yacht Race

Spinnakers 2014 (2)