All race starts got away cleanly and on time. Conditions, though light, showed consistent winds and the starts for the Four Long Courses were gently swept toward Race Passage 위닝일레븐 2016 다운로드. There were some spinnakers at the start line, but most chose to begin on whites and shift to assymetricals as they approached Race Passage. ‘Absolute’ was the first through the Race, soon followed by Crossfire, Dragonfly, Neptune’s Car and Westerly 다운로드. The Swiftsure Inshore Classic also had a fine start.

This is a tactical race that will likely test the very limits of knowledge, endurance and correct interpretation of the conditions 포트 나이트 다운로드. The race yachts will have settled into their watches; typical is 6, 6, 4, 4, 4 hour watch rotations, ensuring that all watches will take up the late night ‘dog watch’ 다운로드. But it’s clear, dry and warm today. And there is wind, albeit.

Cheer the racers on, follow them on Swiftsure’s Race Tracker 다운로드. This will be a long day into a long night.

At this writing, 25 Swiftsure Inshore Classic race boats have finished and are heading for their celebration and barbecue at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club 70년대 음악 다운로드.