Swiftsure’s first boat to finish in the Four Long Courses is Dragonfly. At 1:57:55 AM on Sunday, May 28, Dragonfly crossed the line at Ogden Point 다운로드. Dragonfly raced the Cape Flattery Race for Multihulls which rounds Neah Bay then returns to Victoria. Course length is 101.9 NM.

The crew of 5 were greeted shortly after at the inspection dock by Vern Burkhardt and servers with HOT SOUP 다운로드. The soup from SYSCO Victoria was declared the “Best Soup Ever” by Pat McGarry. Richard Ackrill was thrilled to be presented a bottle of Mount Gay Rum and promptly shared a swig with all 스크래치 주니어 다운로드.

Enjoy these photos…

Charlotte Gann