Swiftsure 2024 Sailing Instructions are now up!

Exciting to see almost 120 yachts as of today raring take up the challenge – you’ll find your favourites to follow on the Registered Yachts page. With the race registration deadline of Friday, May 17 approaching, there’s still time to register for Swiftsure 2024.

Swiftsure Lightship Classic has more boats than we’ve seen in years. And a wonder is about to happen – a lighted rounding mark will soon be placed on Swiftsure Bank just for SLC racers. Rounding an actual mark on Swiftsure Bank will be phenomenal and, with NINE boats heading to the Bank, proof it makes a difference.

The new Cape Flattery ORC race is drawing much attention – with over 35 already registered (replacing Hein Bank ORCs 9 entries in 2023), this new race is clearly a winner. Juan de Fuca Multihulls and Monohulls are showing strongly. There’s a good number of boats for the Inshore Races, too.

Crew: it happens, someone can’t make the race and the skipper needs talent. If you have the skills, good personal safety gear, and want the challenge, register in Swiftsure’s Crew Bank and then skippers can directly reach out to crew.

If you’re shoreside, plan to participate in some events like checking out the boats at the Inner Harbour Causeway or doing a Clover Point Pancake Breakfast from 9 AM while the commentator talks about the race starts – see Swiftsure’s Public Events page. Download the Kwindoo LiveView app on your device, search for “Swiftsure 2024 International Yacht Race” (closer to race day), and follow your favourite yachts as soon as the race starts on Saturday, May 25th at 10 AM.

With something for everyone keen to experience yacht racing, come join the 79th Swiftsure!