Have you wanted to volunteer for Swiftsure but didn’t know how to reach out? Or you have ROC-M certification and wondered if it was needed (it is!) for some positions? There are many positions requiring limited knowledge but a great attitude, your team lead will teach you, and Swiftsure’s handbook gives you good background. You can Check-in the racers. Or serve them HOT soup after their long and cold race. And many interesting opportunities like Finish Line which requires ROC-M. Swiftsure International Yacht Race takes place May 27 and 28 this year.

This is your front row experience to discovering the longest-running race on Canada’s West Coast and contributing to its success. You’re invited, you’ll receive a Swiftsure t-shirt, be right in the centre of the race action, and if you commit 6 hours of your time you’ll be hosted, thanked and recognized at a barbecue at the race host’s Royal Victoria Yacht Club after the race event.

Register here and we’ll see you at Swiftsure!