Middle of the night or in the blaze of day, racers that finish and arrive at the Swiftsure Inspection Dock are tired, cold and hungry. They endured intense tides this year, manoeuvring for the best position in their respective Four Long Courses. The light winds built to over 20 knots at times and now, on Sunday morning, they’re greeted at the dock with hot cups of cheese and broccoli soup.

This is possible through the grace of SYSCO Victoria. The racer’s now say ‘Swiftsure Soup – It’s a Tradition’. Swiftsure works hard to make this possible but it really comes down to SYSCO Victoria being an incredible corporate group. Thank you Lee and Wendy – each year, your wonderful company keeps the tradition going.

Come down to Ship Point, peek over the railing while you take in the Harbour Days Market. You’ll see the racers being inspected for safety gear and returning their SPOT transponders, then head into the Inner Harbour to tidy up the boat and catch some ZZZ’s 

Charlotte Gann