On a recent blustery Wednesday, Swiftsure’s 2017 Sponsorship Luncheon was held in the main lounge of the Royal Victoria Yacht Club, host of the Swiftsure International Yacht Race. Sponsors were greeted by members of the Swiftsure Committee and RVYC’s Vice Commodore and Rear Commodore and invited to relax by the fire while the winds whipped a small frenzy.

Sponsors were hosted to grilled salmon atop frisée and pints of Spinnakers’ Swiftsure India Session Ale, shared their business stories and interests, and heard of the 74th Swiftsure race plans and events.

R-L; Kathy Moore, Pacific Yachting Magazine; Daphne Goode, Shaw TV; Margaret Long, Times Colonist Newspaper

Swiftsure works with our Sponsors to promote their business aspirations while creating a festive celebration of their commitment to the longest running yacht race in the Pacific Northwest. These sponsors have a long history of success in supporting their community – a key perspective Swiftsure is glad to support and promote. They help us create an exciting race.

Alastair Chesson of AC Design

The race is presented from the heart of Victoria’s Inner Harbour – a rare possibility in the world of yacht racing. Without these amazing people and their company’s sponsorship, Swiftsure could not continuously present an exceptional race while keeping registration costs for racers affordable.

Nicole Day and Roxy Tamboline of IRIS The Visual Group

Swiftsure suggests, if you’re looking for businesses committed to supporting sailing and racing and the best local events, look first to this valuable group of Swiftsure Sponsors. Without them, the annual Swiftsure race would not be possible.

Todd Masse of Shipwreck Wares

Jen Braem and William of BC Sailing Association














So, with a toast to ALL of Swiftsure’s Sponsors, the 74th running of the race will again be presented to racers and their yachts, to the people of Victoria and their guests.