Well folks, as another incredible Swiftsure comes to a close, a few reminiscences are in order.  Since 1978, I’ve volunteered with Swiftsure and cannot recall a single one where the winds stayed soft to non-existent throughout the entire race.

For the Long Course boats that completed the race within the time limit of Monday at 0600 – you are intrepid, you are tough and you are focused!  Congratulations on finding the stamina and energy to push through your fatigue, staying with the race.  To the many others that made the attempt, you are no less intrepid.  Sometimes the numbers just don’t work – you came to Swiftsure with the intention of conquering her.  Next year, for sure – that celebratory bottle of champagne from Vern Burkhardt will be all the sweeter.

Among the Swiftsure Inshore Classic racers, of the 59 yachts registered, 16 weren’t able to finish but it sure wasn’t for lack of trying.  I heard of mark roundings stern-first and whirlpools that spun the boats 360 degrees.  Many of us experienced that special challenge of punching through Baynes Channel.

If you haven’t already, take a look at the results – they speak volumes about the efforts everyone made to ‘git er done’.

To our many volunteers, very BIG thanks for your incredible work – you made this the best Swiftsure yet!

To our amazing sponsors, we hope you enjoyed great exposure and support through Swiftsure and found time to share with your clients some of the events that add zest to the race.

To my Swiftsure Committee colleagues – way to go, guys – we did it!  A well-run race where everything worked.

And most of all – Bravo Zulu to all the skippers and crew that chose to race this historic 70th! Swiftsure.  We trust the soft winds of 2013 have not deterred you from planning toward the next Swiftsure.  Mark your calendars – May 24 – 26, 2014.

And now – some sleep.  Many of us, racers AND volunteers, pulled all-nighters – the racers in your endeavour to nail the course, while volunteers served soup to weary racers, stood by at the finish line and inspection dock throughout the wee hours of Monday – time to recharge these batteries.

Thank you ALL for making this an incredibly RICH Swiftsure.

Charlotte Gann, Swiftsure Sponsorship Relations