Mark Your Calendar – Swiftsure Safety & Technical Night March 18

Swiftsure, in cooperation with sponsors Blackline Marine of Canoe Cove’s Marine Community, The Sailing Shop at Trotac Marine and West Marine, will present an evening for Swiftsure racers from around Vancouver and Gulf Islands. Speakers Vern Burkhardt, Brent Jacobi and Alex Fox are very well known in their fields of Safety, Rigging and Sail Trim.

The venue is Royal Victoria Yacht Club’s Main Lounge from 7 PM on Wednesday, March 18.  There is no charge.

Check out the poster.  If you’re in Victoria that night and are thinking of registering for Swiftsure, you should certainly plan to attend this evening.

Vic-Maui race yacht Kinetic is returning to Victoria

After successfully completing the Vic-Maui 2014 race, the yacht Kinetic left Kauai on August 4th for Vancouver Island – a delivery of some 2700 nautical miles by Vern Burkhardt, Rob Tape, Mike Cowley and Brian Dearden.  Their daily update of the voyage is shared here; many will find this fascinating, humourous and gripping. Continue reading

Frank Colistro’s Freshwater News Article

Freshwater News, a publication for Oregon and SW Washington state water-sport aficionados, has published an article by Frank Colistro of Wy’East, a Cascade 36 racing out of Corinthian Yacht Club of Portland. Frank has raced Swiftsure for a couple of decades and finally shared his musings about racing the consistently mercurial moods of Swiftsure.

This truly charming article describes the campaign by the group of Oregon race yachts that challenged both the Oregon Offshore Race and Swiftsure International Yacht Race 2014.  Of the at least 9 Oregon yachts that raced both races, 7 finished Swiftsure and Anam Cara, Riva, Wy’East and Ocelot took hardware.

Enjoy reading Freshwater News July 2014 publication – Frank’s article begins on Page 1.

Charlotte Gann

Swiftsure International Yacht Race

Swiftsure 2014 Had It All

Perfect weather to start an international yacht race. A great pancake breakfast by Central Saanich Lions Club. Two skilled racers sharing with the assembled crowd the finer details of yacht racing and the yachts arrayed in view.  Upon the WesternOne cranes above, US and Canadian flags snapped in a breeze perfect for sweeping the yachts through each start.  HMCS Nanaimo stood on as the mark boat from which the Race Committee for Swiftsure did countdowns and a gun signaled each start with a puff of smoke.  After each race successfully started, the RCAF 442 Squadron Cormorant helicopter team put on an incredible Search and Rescue demonstration over the water, with the Canadian Coast Guard and Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue vessel standing by.  Did you see the flashing blue light just beyond, on the water?  The Victoria Police intercepted a vessel attempting to interfere with the SAR demo – and stood between the interloper and the rescue vessels. The demonstration came together like clockwork, the ‘body’ in the water successfully retrieved and deployed to safety.

This describes just the race start!  Swiftsure begins on Wednesday with setting up the tents on Ship Point. On Thursday and Friday, race yachts and crew pour into Victoria, check in for their respective race courses (there are 4) then get down to the serious business of catching up with each other, meeting the new yachts in town, enjoying the many questions from the public and guests to Victoria and taking in some great bands and rums ‘n beers. Continue reading

6 AM Monday, No Division 2 and 3 SLC Finishers

The Swiftsure International Yacht Race is complete for another year.

At 6 AM, none of the Swiftsure Lightship Classic division 2 or 3 race yachts had finished  within the time limit. These divisions will be scored on their official rounding times to determine the winners.