Swiftsure 2014 Yacht Video – many thanks to Dennett Woodland

Compilation of 2014’s great videos

Swiftsure 2014 videos – media action

Swiftsure 2014 videos:

Gale Bryant’s Dockmasters and their fine ballet

Then the rush for the race start on Saturday

Swiftsure 2014 Pre-Race Vibe

Eduard Wisernig, Fiona Cubitt and Kevin Butterworth shot great vignettes of the race course on Saturday, May 24, 2014:

Passepartout’s Swiftsure Start

Marda Gras through Race Passage

Dragonfly Formula 40 Flying

Snow Leopard races her 1st Swiftsure

Rubato’s GoPro3 recording

First Sight’s 2014 Swiftsure compilation

Whisper Beating to Windward

Royal Canadian Air Force 442 Squadrom Cormorant ‘Snake 904’ SAR Demo

Shaw Go Island Swiftsure 2014 Interview with Karen Elgersma, Charlotte Gann and Vern Burkhardt

Land side interpretation of Swiftsure

Good Old Boat magazine did a feature article on Swiftsure in the March/April 2014 issue about adventures in Swiftsure 2013.