Swiftsure is proud to welcome Carmanah Technologies Corp as a Swiftsure International Yacht Race Sponsor in 2017.

This Victoria-founded corporation is a world class leader in LED technology.

Companies around the globe seek out Carmanah Technologies Corp for solutions with their LED needs.

Sabik Marine – We show the way

We are specialists in design and manufacturing of visual aids to navigation. Sabik Marine is a part of Carmanah Technologies Corporation and has headquarters in Finland and offices located in Canada, UK, Estonia, Singapore, Germany and Russia. Together with our global distribution network we are ready to serve our customers in all longitudes and latitudes.

Sabik Marine manufactures high-quality products to aid visual navigation on the sea. Our product range consists of a wide selection of high performance optical lanterns and signals. All of our lanterns are adapted to remote monitoring and control. With more than 30 years of experience Sabik Marine has been delivering products and services for nearly every country in the world. www.sabik-marine.com