Take part in Swiftsure without a yacht...

The Swiftsure Crew Bank allows sailors to post their information for skippers who are looking for extra crew. If you are interested in taking part in Swiftsure but don't have a boat, this is a good way to find a ride.

The following sailors are available as crew during Swiftsure 2017.

Name Age M/F Experience Contact
Davies, Melissa 25-44 Female Give me a chance! I will be happy to audition (and travel if need be to do so)! I am eager and dying to do SwiftSure in 2017!

Started sailing in August 2016 (Don't let that scare you away) I got the bug bad! Since getting my own boat I am sailing at least 2x a week, 4x if I can and weather (yes that is in the winter, come spring it will be more like 5-6x a week)

I have done 15 races from "duck dodges" to weekly club races to longer distance races. I bought my own race boat (San Juan 24 - Mayhem) and will be racing her soon (already signed up for Whidbey Island Race week) but now I use her for practice. I have sailed on 25 different boats so far to learn. I have two blue after races scheduled for the fall.

I am willing to do any job but I am a master organizer of people and things. Pretty good at trimming, some pit, tactics (researching prior to a race).

What makes me great crew:
- I listen, I watch
- I am present in the boat (not constantly looking at other things)
- I am eager to learn so I will try, if it's wrong then I learn the right way but I will try vs waiting to be told step by step.
- I willing to do pretty much anything.
- I have friends that are professional joke writers - so I usually have a couple decent ones
- I come with all my own gear (foulies, PFD (off shore), teather, etc.
- I take very little personally so yell, etc not going to bother me. (I might laugh)
- I am willing to travel to practice or to "audition"
- I show up on time, prepared to go

Disclaimer: I am on the upper end of the age range, I am not a small woman.
Scott, Don 45-64 Male Thousands of miles cruising the Salish Sea, Solent, Hebrides, Chesapeake & offshore, Great Lakes & St. Lawrence, mostly on my own boat or charter. Racing experience includes the Van Isle 360, SOAR, Anvil Island, Round Bowen, Bird Island (Australia). Able to help in any position, but more of a generalist than a specialist. EPA Standard First Aid & Level C CPR. BC Sailing Offshore Personal Survival/Safety at Sea. ICC, VHF, PCOC, multiple RYA & ASA certs. Very capable "fixer".

I'm happy to take on any role and willing to race competitively or just for fun. Ideally I'd like to hook up with a crew that's regularly racing offshore but I'm also happy to fill in for just the one race.

Harris, Roger 45-64 Male Extensive ocean cruising experience: 18,000 nm logged, including two transatlantic crossings.

Race experience is largely limited to dinghies but includes 2014, 2016 and 2017 editions of the RORC Carribean 600 with asymmetric and symmetric spinnakers. Mainsheet, trimmer, helm.

Low maintenance personality. Member, Ocean Cruising Club and Royal Ocean Racing Club.

Formal qualifications: RYA Yachtmaster Ocean and Cruising Instructor; Sail Canada Cruising Instructor and Assistant Race Officer.

Depuit, Ray 45-64 Male Hi, I have been sailing for the last 10 years in and around Victoria and Vancouver on a variety of boats from a 24' Shark to a 40' Beneteau. I have mostly raced and have participated in Patos, Swiftsure Inshore Classic, Cow Bay Regretta, THRASH, Sunday Series Races with RVYC, Wednesday evening racing with RVanYC, Round SSI as well as cruising on my own boat when time permits. I recently completed the RORC Caribbean 600 aboard a Volvo 60. Have my VHF, SVOP, ME3, PCOC, Intermediate Cruising Standard, and a few other power squadron courses. I consider myself a knowledgeable sailor, have all my offshore gear, able to help out where needed, can helm, able to do watches and help make the boat go fast.
MacDonnell, Ann 25-44 Female Hello! I'm a 29 year old sailor and surfer living in Tofino. I have a 21 ft McGregor that I've sailed mostly around Vancouver and Squamish. Last fall, I crewed onboard a 60ft Beneteau as cook from San diego to Cabo San Lucas in the Bajahaha. I work as dispatch for a float plane company so I'm comfortable with maritime radio communication and coordination. My boyfriend is also interested in coming. He is an engineer, very handy mechanically, plays great guitar and has more sailing experience than I do ( Vancouver area, Ottawa river, Caribbean, Mexico).

Looking for a solid team to sail well and enjoy the adventure!

+ Wilderness First Aid, CPR, great cook and I speak french too.
Corbières, Claire 15-24 Female HI !
I'm a 24 french woman, just arrived in Nanaimo for a few months. I'm looking for a boat and a motivated crew to take part to the swiftsure 2017 !!

I have a big racing experience. I grew up on Atlantic ocean, and start racing at 8 years old in Brest (THE place to sail in France ! ) on dinghies (optimist,420). I have been 2nd at the french championship from 2006 to 2008 and took part to many international races (european championship). Then I kept on racing by sailing on J80, OPEN 5.70. I was skipping and helming. In France I have the ability to teach and coach sailors and I have my boat driving licence.
We also sailed in Mediterranean sea each summer with my father's boat (Sunrise, Jeannot, 10m05) so I'm self governing on long distance races.
I'm ok with any kind of spinnaker (symmetric, asymetric), I have strong skills in tactic, helming and adjustments of sails. my english is not perfect yet and I don't know the taste of pacific Ocean, but I'm sure it doesn't much matter.

some useful informations: my height is 1.60m, my weight is 52 kg. I'm determinated and I love team spirit.
by now I'm ready to meet and train with you, please call me back !!

Drinkwater, Maggie 25-44 Female Hi, My name is Maggie. I've been sailing since I was a small child, and I have been racing since I was a teenager. I have a realxed and easy-going personality. Onboard I am focused and attentive, and I am good at fixing problems. Here's a quick summary of my racing experience.

- Racing M242s on Wednesday nights and weekends. Capable in all positions. Best with spinnaker and jib trim.
- Racing J70s on weekends with a women's team consisting of an Olympian and nationally ranked sailors. Position: pit
- Crewed in the 2016 International Women's Keelboat Race in Rye, NY on J70s with the same team as above. Placed 5th. Will return for the 2017 race

I'd love to participate in the Swiftsure race and I really hope you'll give me a call! I'll be an asset to your team, I promise.
Holl, Ric 45-64 Male Looking for the opportunity to get back onboard. I have done Swiftshore onboard Alegra two years ago, after moving to this part of the world. Started sailing in Australia many years ago, including the Sydney to Hobart and numerous other coastal races.

Since then, I took a Swan 651 around the world and included a Trans-Atlantic yacht race. Since landing in the Pacific Northwest, I have raced my Finn in California and Club racing in Gig Harbor WA. Raced an Olsen 30 for a while, but now since moving up here looking for a crew spot. I do Foredeck, trim and drive.
I'm a Marine Electrician/Mechanic and boat guy. Any position would be just cool.
Ryder, Christopher 25-44 Male I'm a dedicated, disciplined sailor willing to do what it takes to support the skipper and the team.
I've spent most of my time at the helm, as trimmer or as navigator...but happy to help where I'm needed.
I've sailed off-shore and elsewhere and I have a high tolerance to "sketchy" circumstances.
I value communication and good humor in the face of adversity. At the risk of sounding pretentious, I would offer I can get along with just about anybody (part of my day job is dealing with many cultures, personalities and habits).
In short, pick me for the swiftsure race! I'd love to race with you.
Oliveira, Connor Edwin 15-24 Male Hello.

I have been sailing for close to eleven years now in all manner of boats across the country, though mostly in smaller craft. I have been racing and coaching sailing schools for the last 4 years. I have raced laser extensively, attending regattas such as Sail West and Waves years in a row, but I have also raced San Juan, lightning, Laser II, 420 and some various 20-30 foot yachts (the latter only in in small club races). Currently, I am training to represent Alberta in the Canada Summer Games as the crew for the male 29er, and have attended regattas in that class, including coming first for 29er u18 at Sail West 2016. Though not racing, I have been out of sight of land and slept aboard ship before as I spent a week crewing the St. Lawrence II, out of Kingston.

I am looking to add this style of racing to my sailing repertoire, and generally to have a good time. I don't have much experience in keel boat regattas, but I learn the ropes on a new boat fast and I am willing to take on any position.
Timol, Kyle 25-44 Male Hello, I've recently moved to Victoria from Toronto to settle down and I'm looking to further my offshore racing career. I started sailing about 5 years ago but have stopped at nothing to lean as quickly as possiable. I started out learning on albacores (small 16 foot 2 man dinghy's) and racing them as crew and helmsmen. I then moved up to racing as the jib trimmer on an 8 meter in Toronto harbour.

In the summer of 2014 I delivered a vagabond 47 form Florida to the UK with 3 other crew members. When I returned to Toronto I moved up to the foredeck on J24's during the race series out of Toronto harbourfront every Wednesday night. After a season of that I went to Sydney Australia and began my offshore racing. I competed in the blue water series on a beneteau first 47.7 as the number 1 on the foredeck in prep for the sydney to Hobart. (Unfortunately due to a fouled engine, we had to withdrawal) This along with a few other offshore deliverys and trips around Australia as well as lots of racing in port Jackson.

I'm fairly proficient with sail repair and have my ROC(M), marine first aid, and offshore personal safety certificate. I'm a certifed cat 1 racer and comfortable with spinnakers, aysmiticals and code zeros. I am also comfortable in the pit on the strings, the winch or working sail trim (heady or main) as well as at the helm.

I'm looking to increase my miles, and race as much as possiable. I'm available for all and any races, short or long. Also looking to do any deliveries that might need an extra hand.
Bauer, Ellen 15-24 Female Hi, My name is Ellen Bauer and I am 23 years old. I have been studying at Royal Roads University for three months doing an exchange semester. Originally, I am from the southest part of Germany, Lake Constance, living close to the swiss and austrian border. I grew up at Lake Constance and started racing when I was 8 years old. My parents have an International 806 and sailing has always been a family sport. At the age of 8 years, I started sailing on dinghies (optimist,420) and got both great national and international experiences in racing. After graduating from school, I continued sailing and racing on my parent´s International 806 and the recently upcoming, fast growing J70 class. I am a coach in my sailing club, teaching both kids and adults. I have a sport boat license that allows me to be a skipper and I do have a radio certificate. I have been sailing in Turkey, Croatia, France and Germany (Baltic Sea and several lakes in Germany). I am familiar with all "on board skills" but I like Tactics, Foredeck, Helming, Sail trimming and pit most. I am good in communicating and keeping the crew together. Sailing is not only my favourite water sport but also a lot of fun!! I saw the poster of Swiftsure at the entrance of Spinnakers brewpub and thought, let´s try to be part of this great event. Sailing the pacific ocean would be a great pleasure to me!! If you are still looking for an ambitious, motivated and always laughing crew member, please email me. I would be more than happy to be part of your team!

Best regards
Zink, Marilyn 45-64 Female I have many years sailing experience mostly on 27 ft. Catalinas crusing up and down the island and across to the Vancouver area and north of Vancouver.
I'm a good sail trimmer and also have a reputation as an excellent cook for providing delicious and innovative meals.
I also helm, have my marine radio operators licence and the PCOC.
I have raced in local waters around Nanaimo and am enthusiastic about participating in more races in and around the island.
These were races with the Nanaimo Yacht Club crewing on other boats.
I look forward to doing more racing and would love to be considered as an able crew.

Sanderson, Kurtis 15-24 Male Hey I’m Kurt,
I am a graduate from UVic Earth and Ocean Sciences and am looking for some adventure!
Although I do not have much sailing experience, I have some transferable technical skills to offer:
• Electrical, mechanical and engine rebuild (Fully restored 1958 MGA 1500)
• Interpretation of weather and atmospheric data
• Experience in geological mapping and data interpretation
• Safety Management, Risk Assessment & Mitigation
• Red Cross Wilderness First Aid
• PADI Open Water & Dry Suit Diver
If your vessel has need for an additional crew member, please feel free to give me a shout!
I would very much look forward to becoming part of the sailing community in Victoria.

Thank you for your consideration,
Kurt Sanderson
Blakey, Lee 45-64 Male Hi, my name is Lee. I've been crewing since April 2016. I originally wanted to try sailing to cross off my bucket list, but now i have the bug. I've been crewing inshore races with the Corinthian Yacht Club Tacoma, on a Frers 38. I have experience in jib trimming, pit, foredeck mast, spinnaker sheet, and front foredeck. Planning to get my own sailboat soon, so I need overnight and offshore experience. Am highly motivated to help in any capacity.
Morasch, Ben 15-24 Male Sailing instructor at Western Washington University and on the sailing team. 10 years experience of dingy sailing. A few keel boat race experiences but very quick and willing to learn. Hope I can sail with you!! Let me know!
Larson, Britt 45-64 Female If you docked today, Thursday, you may have met me. If you haven't met me I'll be docking on Firday as well, Just look for the hot pink shirt. Female, 5'6 155, strong, fit, agile, competative. Mast assist, jib and spin trim; but will fill whatever position you need. Fully geared and ready to race.
Robertson, Graham 25-44 Male Took the keelboating and dinghy courses through the RVYC last summer. Haven't sailed since due to winter. Felt pretty adept through the course and when we got to sail, just looking to build on those skills and help where I can on a team.
Loeppky, Sarah 25-44 Female 25-year-old female with extensive sailing experience seeks a ride for Swiftsure! I have a great attitude and can learn a new boat quickly. I'm able to focus and keep your crew highly competitive, or relax and enjoy the sail according to your preference and your crew's usual style. I get along with a wide range of people and I'm able to follow directions well. Looking forward to hearing from you and sailing with you!


2015: VanIsle360 on an Olson 30, Swiftsure, RSSI, Thetis, Southern Straits, Cow Bay, Maple Bay
2016: Round Bowen, Cow Bay, Maple Bay, Thermopylae
2012-2015: Many many Sunday races at RVYC and SNSYC
2009-2012: Member of UVic Sailing Club's race team (attended ~10 regattas and practice 2-3x weekly)
2008-2014: Employed as a Sailing Instructor at Glenmore Sailing School in Calgary

Crew positions: Mast/middeck, foredeck, jib/genoa and spin trim

Warren, Scott 25-44 Male Hi,

Grunt worker, great ballast, couple years exp, have all my own gear, great at listening.

Tell me where and when,
Steinbrinker, Tabea 15-24 Female Hello,
I would love to sail in the SwiftSure Race this year!
I've been sailing since I was a little child, and I've done lots of cruising Tours throughout my life. Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to do any long distance races yet, but I have done short races on smaller boats, espacially on a J80 and a Laser 2000.

It doesn't take me long to get a feeling for a new boat.
I am able to follow instructions and adapt to a new team quickly. I am a very uncomlicated person and stay calm during stressful situations on board, but still able to work concentrated.
I am willing to do any job you can offer me.

I don't have a Canadian number (and I coudn't proceed without entering one) so please contact me via E-mail. Looking forward to hearing from you!
McGuffin, Callum 15-24 Male My brother and I (both 17) are looking for a boat. We have five years sailing experience competing in the 420 class dinghy as well as two years of volunteering at the saltspring sailing school. we have competed in a few club races on a Ross 930 and the round saltspring, as well as numerous regatta's in 420 along the coast. we're both good at listening and keen sailors.
email callummcguffin@gmail.com
Phone 250-931-3358
Van Tuyl, John 25-44 Male Will do what I am told with enthusiasm. Fit, young, and agile.

Open ocean sailing experience, New Zealand to Indonesia. Racing experience on Great Lakes. MD with first aid and emergency medical skills.