The organizing authority for Swiftsure has issued Amendment #2 to the Notice of Race for the Four Long Courses 아두이노 센서 다운로드. This amendment replaces the IRC handicap classes for the Swiftsure Lightship Classic Race and the Hein Bank Race with ORC handicap classes. PHRF handicap classes will still be offered for these two courses 다운로드.

This means the Four Long Courses now are:

1. Swiftsure Lightship Classic for monohulls (138.2 nautical miles) – PHRF and ORC classes

2 atmega8 다운로드. Hein Bank Race for monohulls (118.1 nautical miles) – PHRF and ORC classes

3. Cape Flattery Race (101.9 nautical miles)
a) for monohulls – PHRF
b) for multihulls – PHRF

4 다운로드. Juan de Fuca Race – (78.7 nautical miles)
a) fully crewed – PHRF
b) double-handed – PHRF

The Swiftsure Inshore Classic remains unchanged 인터스텔라 자막 다운로드. It is for fully crewed or single-handed competition:

1. Monohull Flying Sails Race – PHRF
2. Monohull Non Flying Sails Race
3 다운로드. Multihull Race

The change from IRC to ORC has been made in response to requests from the representatives of the skippers who have previously raced under the IRC handicap system 비즈니스용 스카이프. A number of skippers of other yachts have also indicated a desire to race under their ORC certificates. Combine that with Swiftsure being a qualifying race for Vic-Maui which also uses the ORC Rating System 소닉 더 헤지혹 다운로드.

Swiftsure…Always a Challenge

Vern Burkhardt
Event Chair