Two significant celebrations in the same year. Amazing to share a common thread.

Pacific Yachting began its life in July 1968 by reporting about Swiftsure javascript 파일 강제. Editor Dale Miller shared his perspective in his May column “The View From Here다운로드. Fifty years of Pacific Yachting magazine and ever prominent.

And from page 46, Marianne Scott takes readers from 1930 and the first Swiftsure race, through the decades to now, where so much has changed, and yet so little 립반윙클의 신부. True, the technology has grown by leaps, as has the gear, the clothing, the hull shapes.

What has not changed – the many challenges of the winds, the twisting currents, the incredible competitive spirits that bring racers back for years, decades, and in a few cases, over half a century! 

Not just a local annual race, Swiftsure’s reputation remains “Always A Challenge” with the 75th race ahead 카메라 다운로드.

Thank you, Pacific Yachting, for being with Swiftsure each and every year. You’ve reached middle age as Swiftsure moves into deep maturity and we’re still together 다운로드.