Swiftsure 2017 Videos

Brian Webb, a Swiftsure radio guy, was aboard Cougar 61, the Royal Canadian Navy’s Patrol Craft Training Vessel Cougar 61 stationed at Neah Bay; Brian shot this rounding video with his drone 

CHEK News did a neat spot about the 74th annual Swiftsure: Vern Burkhardt and others were interviewed

Shaw TV South Vancouver Island did this fine promotion: with Principal Race Officer John Abel

Watch the Inner Harbour clear out on race morning!

Pardon My French, new to Swiftsure, exhibits excitement and commitment

Flying Circus racing against kelp at one point – and the kelp is winning…

James Saville aboard ‘J’ shot their video on the Cape Flattery Race course

J105 ‘Jam’ has thumbsuckers and rock stars alike to make her competitive

Dream Weaver made 2 attempts to break through Race Passage currents; Try #1 and Try #2

Occam’s Razor gives a fantastic perspective on leaving the Inner Harbour & setting up for the race start

Madrugador’s hilarious high-speed delivery in the sunshine

Swiftsure 2016 Videos

Peter Hallett’s video, aboard Flying Circus, Juan de Fuca 2016 race overall winner

John Van Den Hengel’s video, aboard First Sight of Maple Bay Yacht Club

Hot Mess Racing in Cape Flattery Light Class – finishing not last

Shaw TV South Vancouver Island’s promotion segment of Swiftsure 2016

Shaw TV’s Lisa Pysmenny sails THRASH aboard Jackrabbit to discover racing… and the upcoming Swiftsure

Swiftsure 2015 Videos

Mark Pease has created an amazing video of the start of Swiftsure International Yacht Race 2015

Robert Johnson has recorded the Swiftsure 2015 entire start sequence from Clover Point.

Dennett Woodland created a video montage of Swiftsure’s 2014 race yachts.

Shaw TV videographer Kevin Charach THRASHed about with the Kairos Crew.

Shaw TV created this 2015 Swiftsure promo video

Swiftsure 2014 Videos

Swiftsure 2014 Yacht Video – many thanks to Dennett Woodland

Compilation of 2014’s great videos

Swiftsure 2014 videos – media action

Swiftsure 2014 videos:

Gale Bryant’s Dockmasters and their fine ballet

Then the rush for the race start on Saturday

Swiftsure 2014 Pre-Race Vibe

Eduard Wisernig, Fiona Cubitt and Kevin Butterworth shot great vignettes of the race course on Saturday, May 24, 2014:

Passepartout’s Swiftsure Start

Marda Gras through Race Passage

Dragonfly Formula 40 Flying

Snow Leopard races her 1st Swiftsure

Rubato’s GoPro3 recording

First Sight’s 2014 Swiftsure compilation

Whisper Beating to Windward

Royal Canadian Air Force 442 Squadrom Cormorant ‘Snake 904’ SAR Demo

Shaw Go Island Swiftsure 2014 Interview with Karen Elgersma, Charlotte Gann and Vern Burkhardt

Land side interpretation of Swiftsure

Good Old Boat magazine did a feature article on Swiftsure in the March/April 2014 issue about adventures in Swiftsure 2013.

Swiftsure 2013 Videos

Catch all the action from Swiftsure 2013 right here!

Swiftsure 2013 Video Contest Entries (winner information here):

New video from schooner ‘Martha’ Nov 8, 2013 – winner of 2013 Swiftsure Inshore Classic:

Swiftsure 2012 Videos

Shaw TV’s Make It Happen was aboard Raven in 2012: Watch the amazing Swiftsure adventure of Ian Lloyd’s Raven – filmed by Shaw TV’s videographer, Cliff Markham. And here’s the full-length version of Shaw’s Make It Happen episode.

Cool 2012 Shaw video about HMCS Oriole – the oldest commissioned and longest serving ship in the Royal Canadian Navy. 102′ by 19′ beam.